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USA’s transition from Donald Trump to Joe Biden

by David

The General service administration is now in the hands of Joe Biden, the USA’s presidential election winner. Donald Trump, the former USA president, has requested his agencies and departments to cooperate with Joe Biden for the government’s smooth functioning.

Donald Trump instructed Emily Murphy, the General Services Administration Chief, to take care of the initial protocols and his team.

Initiating the Transition Process got delayed

Joe Biden was already acknowledged as the new president based on the election initiated on November 7, 2020. Emily Murphy denied initiating the transition process to the elected president and the funds and office space to be given to Biden and his team. She refused to sign the letter for the formal transition of an orderly transition of power. She had initiated this process not to allow the newly elected team to obtain office space or do any kind of background checks on the nominees. She also denied the classified information that might be needed during emergencies and also denied fund transfer of some six million dollars to Biden and his team.

The outcome of the formal transition process

The current position held by Joe Biden is hard to be accepted by Donald Trump, so he gave a statement concluding that he will continue with his contest on the election outcomes. The formal transition process for the presidential position is triggering and challenging at the same time. The access to all the briefing books and government funding resources of around $6 million and the current agency officials have been passed to Biden and his team.

Donald Trump’s Main Statement

The former president stated that the recent developments, including election results certification and legal challenges, can be accessed by Joe Biden as described in Section 3 of the Act in the letter written by Emily Murphy to Joe Biden. Moreover, Yohannes Abraham, director of the Biden-Harris transition, gave an email statement that the pandemic needs to be brought under control to bring the economy back on track, and this is more of a necessary step to be taken by the higher authorities.

An Orderly Transition agreed by Donald Trump

A significant statement was passed by the Non-partisan centre ordering the former trump administration to begin the post-election transition process. The Presidential Transition Act clearly stated the transfer of powers and funds to Biden and his team for the USA’s smooth functioning. Trump had to finally concede to the orderly transition of power to the elected president Joe Biden even after completely disagreeing with the election outcomes. He aims to make America great by continuing with his protest for the count of just the legal votes. Although Trump had disagreed to concede for the last two months, he ultimately had to ultimately benefit the nation world-wide.


According to the Pre-election transition Act, the present elected team has been allowed access to all the powers and office space by the General Services Administration. Biden had to be formally certified as the elected president to transfer all the funding for and positions in the administration system. Under all the existing federal laws and customs, Biden can now receive categorised national security with his team’s formalisation at the party’s national convention in August 2020.