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5 Types Of Residential Remodeling Contractors

by David

Every remodeling contractor might not be the one perfect for your project. There are at least five types of residential remodeling contractors. Design contractors have much more experience as compared to general contractors. Generally, the standard contractors are not ready to work with houses having structural alterations. Bathroom and kitchen modelling is common and less expensive as compared to entire house remodeling. Before contacting any contractors, make sure they are experienced and established and examine how they deal with their products.

Remodeling And Designing An Entire House

If you want the entire architecture and construction of your house to be redesigned, consider design-build companies to create your dream project out of a black box. Good design companies are well established, with design, architecture, and accounts departments running atop the project management team. They might have subcontractors or self-installers. Good companies will make you sign an official agreement with the entire budget required for remodeling. 

House Addition Contractors

House addition contractors also fall under general remodeling contractors. They can be easily combined with full house modelling contractors. But there are a few of these contractors who refrain from providing exclusive designs. The significant difference is that they are primarily builders and not designers. These are just additional builders in case you have already hired a designer or architect. It is essential to determine whether the contractor’s business is a sole proprietorship or not and the type of team working at the backend. You need to check whether he is working on new businesses because it might cause a delay in your project if that is the case.

Contractors For Restoration

Restoration and renovation are often considered the same, but they are different terms used in this industry. Restoration work is done when a house has been damaged due to natural calamities such as wind, fire, water, and more. These contractors have established relationships with insurance corporations. They usually try to bring the house back to its original condition before the disaster rather than remodeling or updating it. 

Specific Trade Contractors

These are the contractors who can provide you with emergency services. Emergency contractors include an air and heating contractor for air conditioning issues or a plumbing contractor for a toilet fix. Others who fall under the non-emergency category are roofers to remodel the roof or tile settlers who can remodel your bathroom or just the flooring. Even if you are a builder yourself, still you can hire specific Trade contractors. But one should always examine the advantages and disadvantages before doing so.

Residential Contractors

These are usually bathroom and kitchen remodelers. It requires much less workforce, cost, and time than remodeling an entire house. The home remodeling contractors who focus on exteriors are usually specialized, such as roof, concrete, or window contractors. But if you want the entire surface changed, then any general contractors would be able to do so.


There are various remodeling contractors but choosing the right one is necessary. Ensure the corporation you select provides a proper interior designer who can help you choose the materials and a project manager to keep you updated on the construction.


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