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Why is Times Square in New York So Iconic?

by David
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Times Square in New York is still a prominent tourist attraction spot. The area features a prominent commercial intersection being Broadway and Seventh Avenue’s junction on the technical front. Moreover, the location beside Midtown Manhattan pulls all the visiting crowd.

Around 4,60,000 people, including tourists, cross the Time Squares’ iconic landmark on the busiest days. The world’s busiest pedestrian is also the hub of the country’s entertainment industry.

Though a few consider it to be an over-hyped place, it has some interesting facts that make it one of the most iconic places in the US.

Let’s have a glance at the facts that make Times Square in New York an iconic destination.

  • Times Square Building is Highly Profitable

The iconic building in Times Square, famous for its New Year’s Eve ball drop, was constructed back in 1904 when the area was underdeveloped. Later, in 1995 the property was purchased by Lehman Brothers, who converted it into a colossal billboard today.

The New Year’s Eve balls are stored on the top and bottom floors that the Jamestown Properties rent. Most of the floors remain vacant to feature the Graffiti and decrepit, but billboards make a business of over $23 million per year.

  • Since 1904, it’s been called the Times Square

The iconic Times Square was previously known as the Longacre Square. It was until Times shifted its headquarter in 1904, but it outgrew the building in 1913.

Technically, the area is a triangle as the Broadway intersects the grid diagonally. Despite that, it is still called Times Square.

  • Remnants of the Opulent Century Theatre

Times Square has been the hub of New York’s Theatre district since the early 1900s. The opulent theatre inaugurated at the beginning of the century was converted into movie palaces after the Great Depression.

Since then, the theatre industry in New York has witnessed many ebbs and flows. However, you can discover the remnants of glorious theatre, like Loews Mayfair, as a souvenir shop on 47th Street.

  • Subway Grate’s Hidden Sound Installation

There is a permanent sound installation resonating from the subway grate but hardly noticeable. The textured layering of sounds played on a continuous loop for 24 hours is created by Artist Max Neuhaus.

If you visit the 45th and 46th Streets and Broadway triangular junction, you can trace the beats. The installation is administered by the Dia foundation that also maintains the eccentric art installation across the city.

  • Site for Most Popular American Kiss

The iconic photo of a soldier kissing a nurse in front of Times Square is well-liked by the folks. It was picturised during World War II, but no one actually knows about the couple featured in the photo.

A photographer for Life Magazine, Alfred Eisenstaedt, framed the memorable moment. Other photographers were shooting that day but still, the subject’s recognition remains a mystery.

Bottom Line

We cannot deny the popularity of the iconic Times Squares that remains saturated with lights even after the sunset. Thanks to its central Manhattan location, it becomes an influential transit for people to cross through the place.


Due to all the combined factors, we can say that Times Squares is one of the iconic places in the world.

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