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The Difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO

by David
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Ethics is what makes a great business different from a good business.  We may think that SEO marketing is one of the most ethical marketing activities, but that isn’t the case. As they say, there are always two faces to a coin. The same goes for SEO marketing as well. There are businesses, organizations, and SEO companies out there that break the internet rules to gain better SERPs and customers.

The SEO done by engaging in unethical practices is the black hat SEO, and the SEO done within the boundaries of internet rules is known as white hat SEO.

Some of the more detailed differences between these two are.

Quick return vs investment

The black hat SEO firms aim for quicker returns on their website by breaking the rules. They don’t focus on their customers and don’t conduct good research regarding the market. They try to get a better ranking by doing evil things like link farming, keyword farming, content spinning, etc. The black hat SEO means to just focus on short-term goals and earn a quick financial return.

Whereas the white hat SEO companies aim to invest in their customers. They make their way in the market by doing proper research of their target market and conduct surveys for data collection. They try to understand the customers, their needs and then create original and quality content according to it. They don’t engage in activities like content spinning and other unethical practices.  The white hat SEO means engaging in long-term goals.

Is it illegal?

Blakc hat SEO is not illegal per se. But it is frowned upon, and it violates the guidelines of the webmaster, so, in some way, it can be considered unethical. The business engages in SEO marketing to gain goodwill in the market. They don’t want to create a market by engaging in unethical activities because people will recognize the genuinity of your business after a point in time.

Final Overview

It is upon you as to what path you choose to create a market. The only thing that you need to know that the customers know when something is wrong. You may be able to create a good return in the short term, but you will end up losing the future of your business because when genuine SEO of your competitor comes into the market, then your business won’t stand a chance. The business needs to understand that it is not in your favor to create financial returns by using unethical practices.

If you aim to create goodwill in the market and earn genuine customers, you need to have patience. You need to understand that the ultimate thing that will make all the difference is the quality of your content. No matter how much you spin your content, people will know that whether it’s genuine or not. So it is always better that you use the white hat SEO for your business and really earn your customers’ trust.

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