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Looking Back At The Most Iconic Movies Of The 1990s

by David
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The 1990s was the golden period and the most amazing decade for iconic movies. During the ’90s, going to watch movies was still a thing and if you luckily belong to that generation you have witnessed the best phase of life. We have clubbed together with the iconic movie list that made the 90’s decade the golden period in the history of the film industry.

We have combined the list of film fanatics, pop-culture pundits, culture-vultures, and some critics.

All together to make up the list of some great and iconic movies from the Nineties. Check them out:

1. Romeo and Juliet (1996)

Romeo and Juliet are topping the list of the iconic movies that made up the nineties worth an era. During that time Shakespeare was in great demand as his plays were used as an inspiration to make movies. The iconic love story of Romeo and Juliet set the stage for the most happening love stories during that time.

2. ‘Clerks’ (1994)

This movie was shot in grainy black and white during that time and was based upon the life of Kevin Smith. The story revolves around a convenience store clerk and his friendship with a video store clerk’s best friend within a single day. The story completely depicts the banality of service work and a weird sort of plot that would end up becoming a go-to template for nineties indie movies.

3. “Buffalo ’66′” (1998)

It was among the funniest movies that male insecurity all summed up in a love story. The story of a neurotic parolee and an abducted dancer girl who was forced to meet the neurotics’ parents and had to act in front of them. All this while, she was the only one who had seen the wounded little boy hiding under the flesh of a neurotic. She continued to play the role of a loving girlfriend and that was all about the plot.

4. ‘The Ice Storm’ (1997)

One of the most crowded movies from the Nineties shows wealthy suburban parents figuring out their failings in the upbringing of their children. The tragedy at the end of this movie feels very mournful as it marks the end of innocence in America. Throughout the movie, there have been various plots that depict various subparts showing the kids growing up and the sexual revolution beginning to cause major damage to them and their upbringing so far.

5. ‘The Virgin Suicides’ (1999)

A perfect movie for people who wanted to just survive the adolescent phase. The playful tragedy portrays the life of the Lisbon sisters, a bunch of teens during the 1970s who had cast a spell on their small town after the youngest sister impales herself on the fence. Eventually, that girl will end up inspiring her siblings to similar fates and will make the neighborhood boys suffer.


All the above movies were among the most iconic films all from the Nineties and there is more to this list once anyone starts watching them. Be it the best comedies, thrillers, killers, and horror flicks, the Nineties was the golden era of one of the best movies in the whole film industry. The nineties was the most popular and fertile period for all the filmmakers and film lovers as well. The foundation of the films was laid down from this decade itself as there began a plethora of movies worth a watch.