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Jewelry And Makeup Or Au-Naturale. Pick Your Style

by David
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It’s hard to decide between the two as be it any occasion there is both a type of woman that is one who is more fanatic towards jewelry and makeup and the other type of women who go for Au-Naturale. Be it the bridal industry or the normal model industry there are various types of women that we encounter daily. Most of the women generally go for an Au-Naturale look nowadays instead of just going with jewelry and makeup.

Given below are some of the Au-Naturale makeup hacks that anyone can master by following the simple steps to master the art:

Step:1 Prep your skin

This is the first and the most important step that is advised by most beauty experts. For a perfect Au-Naturale look prep your skin with a good quality primer before you start applying your makeup. This will help you get the right complexion before the makeup touches your face. Moreover, it will help your makeup stay intact and for a longer time on your skin.

Step:2 Your Brows should be on point

It is the easiest way to quickly fix everything about your face if you are in a hurry to go somewhere and don’t have time for anything else. Make sure to fill in your eyebrows that will help you fix everything about your face. It is the advice given by all the makeup experts that one must not step out of the house without filling in their eyebrows no matter how thick or natural they look as a whole.

Step:3 Conceal it

Concealer is the best achievement by any beauty developer as it is the only thing that can also be used as a foundation. It is the best product that covers and conceals all your acne marks or dark circles or any kind of blemishes all naturally. Be it obvious spot or pigmentation around your mouth, concealer will do the job for all.

Step:4 Take care of the Eye Regime

Taking care of your eye regime is important as the area around your eyes automatically becomes your priority when it comes to makeup routines. The surrounding area of your eye ages faster than the rest of your face so they need special care. Make sure to use a sufficient amount of eye cream to protect that area as makeup directly might be harsh for that area. Moreover, it will also help you in removing the fine lines under your eyes.

Step:5 Setting your powder in Au-Naturale makeup

The last and the most important step that cannot go unnoticed is setting your powder. Nothing will finish the whole natural look without setting the makeup powder. Make sure to keep your face all oil-free and natural by setting the powder that is translucent as it won’t change the color of the foundation and keep your look all finished.


Now that you have an idea about Au-Naturale makeup you won’t need to worry about switching styles. Wearing just jewelry and makeup won’t complete the look on any of your special occasions. As a woman, you have the right to look beautiful and special on your day so make sure to follow this makeup routine. It won’t take much of your time as it can be completed within five minutes and is quite hassle-free than putting on heavy jewelry and makeup.

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