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Neglecting these employee welfare codes might land you in trouble

by David
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The employee welfare codes include those amenities, services, facilities that are established to ensure the welfare of an employee in an organization. To be more precise, this whole concept indicates the efforts made by an organization to make the life of workmen worth living. These welfare codes ensure the protection of employee rights and their violations by any functioning organization.

Moreover, these rules were promoted and put into action for the betterment of employees. There are other forms of labour laws that labour rights in an organization.

Employee Welfare’s features:

Employee welfare has its distinct features that derive its significance in an organization and among the workforce. They are as follows:

  • It is a basic term that defines the employee benefits in the form of facilities, amenities, and services provided to them for their convenience.
  • It is more of a dynamic concept that determines the welfare of an employee.
  • Fringe benefits and services can also be called as employee welfare’s measures.
  • These welfare measures can be both statutory or voluntary based on their nature.
  • Employee welfare aims to bring about a change for the betterment of the working class.

Role Played By The Management in Employee Welfare

The management plays a very significant role in ensuring the welfare of the employees. Given below are certain points that describe the management role in employee welfare:

  • The welfare facilities are provided by the employers in an organization to their employees just to motivate them to keep up their hard work. The welfare schemes can be divided into two schemes that are statutory and non-statutory.
  • Non-statutory welfare schemes might differ from one organization to another or from one industry to another industry.
  • The statutory welfare schemes are those schemes that have been made mandatory by the governing laws of employee health and safety to be provided by an organization to every employee working there.

Statutory welfare codes or benefits

Given below is a list of welfare benefits or codes that cannot be neglected by the employer in an organization and every employee should enjoy this benefit:

    1. Seating facilities: Every organization should ensure that its employees be it in a company or a factory should get a place to sit comfortably other than work hours.
  • Drinking water: Every organization should ensure a safe and hygienic drinking water supply to their employees.
  • Maternity and adoption leave: Employees need to be granted maternity and adoption leaves and this policy has been introduced by various organizations.
  • Medi-claim Insurance Scheme: The media-claim Insurance scheme ensures the coverage of employees’ expenses during illness, disease, or sudden injury.
  • Sexual Harassment Policy: This policy ensures the protection of employees against any form of sexual harassment. Certain laws protect discontented employee.


Any organization neglecting these employee welfare codes might land them in trouble as these go against the labour laws in the USA. In the present generation, welfare schemes have been accepted by employers. Every organization prioritizes these welfare codes depending on the priorities that they give to their workforce. Labour welfare is desirable for any management or organization to function properly by abiding by these laws.

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