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Why are Different States in the US Divided on Different Sports?

by David
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Sports is one of the major dynamics that has helped shape the US and its states’ history and culture. There is no secret that American people love watching and participating in sports. In 2018, the US’s sports market was valued at $71.06 billion and was estimated to reach $83.1 billion by 2023.

The climate of the U.S typically favours both summer and winter sports. This is one of the prime reasons why the country is prosperous in every quarter of sports. However, we must also understand that the U.S comprises of various states, each having its own cultural identity and history.

This causes an increase in the number and variation of sports across the different U.S states. Moreover, the country also includes athletes from all over the country with various physical traits and characteristics.

This makes some players suitable for basketball, baseball, football, etc. At the same time, others are remarkably skilful in genres such as swimming, boxing, running, and others.

Now, let’s understand the scenario of sports in the US and why people across different states are divided into sports.

  • Emphasis on Sports from High School and College Days

American sports culture is pretty different compared to other countries. The students from high schools and colleges are encouraged to participate in different sports activities. This makes it evident that students develop a liking for the local sports.

Naturally, a student belonging to Ohio will support a particular sport while another student from Mississippi will cheer for his/her own sports activity. You will find the stadiums are loaded with many people in a local sports event that is uncommon in other countries.

  • Sports are Apolitical

The professional sports franchise in America doesn’t reflect on a particular political bias. This is alien to the culture in all the US states. The idea of confronting a team based on racial, communal, or ethnic grounds is typically not entertained in the country.

Americans don’t hold any of this bias while supporting their favourite sports. However, you will find them well opinionated when it comes to standing up for their local sports or teams.

  • Sports is Adequately Illustrated

In different US states, favouring different sports, receives an adequate illustration of the sport using various mediums. The entertainment production managed by sports events impresses the audiences with flashy graphics, flying planes overheads, giant robots, halftime show, and others.

You can imagine the much-created hype manages to win over the heart of these local supporters of a particular sport.

  • Hero Worship

People across the different states in the US get into the hero-worshipping culture of these sports athletes. This goes to the extent of absurdity which is pretty weird but true. Every player or sports team gets a different fanbase who cheers and motivates them throughout the game.

Irrespective of the differences in likings and favouring things, shape into an ugly brawl that is common elsewhere. Every other sports event in America is a homely affair where fans participate, which much gusto and enthusiasm.

Bottom Line

The US sports culture across the different states celebrates the individual sports category. People get into high-spirited debates with coworkers favouring their liked sports and teams.

But it is pretty normal to understand that cultural differences across the states make the US divided on different sports.