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Why is cybersecurity a significant concern in developed countries?

by David
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Cybersecurity can also be termed as human security, and it is the major solution that is developed for the benefit of human beings for protection against the increasing cybercrimes. Security developers extend cybersecurity support to build faith between businesses and customers all around the globe. Cybersecurity is a significant concern for all business organisations functioning in the USA as they want to respect and protect their customers’ privacy in every possible way.

There are significant reasons for cybersecurity to become a priority in the present times, as listed below:

Cyberattacks are affecting people worldwide

Cyberattacks have become a significant theft nowadays, and with time, it is becoming common. Hackers are getting access to all the information as they attack computers in the USA every 39 seconds. These major attacks can harm many people at a time, so it’s a significant threat now. Moreover, these cyberattacks can happen on a global scale, and hackers can also access all the information of government organisations.

The cyber attacks can lead to more significant disasters and threats worldwide with access to any information that might even cause nuclear attacks as it happened in Iran.

Cyberattacks will receive additional support with the rapid change in technologies

The advent of 5G networks will be a form of additional support to the hackers who can take advantage of the expanded and multinational technology for a cyber attack. These significant developments will later turn out to be challenging for organisations to save their private or confidential information. The advancement of networks expands the number of connecting devices as hackers can now use their artificial intelligence to trigger all forms of cyberattacks.

Damage to Business and Loss of Employment

The recent cyberattacks on branded companies are causing the loss of millions of dollars to repair the damages incurred by them. The C-level executives have to bear the losses, resulting in losing their jobs that will ultimately lead to unemployment. The recent examples of loss of data are:

Facebook: This social media platform lost about $540 million user records recently to Amazon’s cloud computing service.

First American Corporation: They had to lose $885 million records exposed during a data breach that comprised bank information and mortgage paperwork.

Cybersecurity Threats faced by every individual

The threat is not just for business organisations but also for the individuals who face many risks where hackers steal their personal information and use it for their profit. It is becoming a significant threat to an individual’s personal safety and security, bringing his/her family at risk as it has happened several times, and millions of dollars have also got stolen.

Moreover, in most cases, the hackers blackmail the individuals after stealing their personal information and asking for random money to return that information.


With the increase of serious cyberattacks worldwide and in the USA, the government is taking up steps to ensure security against all these hackers. Cybersecurity has become very important. It ensures the protection of sensitive data, personalised information, and governmental and industry information systems from any kind of theft and damage attempt made by the cyber attackers. Moreover, these cyber risks can come from any category in an organisation, so it is becoming a significant concern for developed nations.