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Canada or USA- Which Is A Better Place To Live In?

by David
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USA and Canada are polite neighbours who tease each other on everything from hockey to foreign policy. However, is one better than the other? Is it better to relocate to Canada or the United States of America? Which country is the most appropriate for you? There is a list of all the key aspects of both countries that you should consider, from lifestyle to education and welfare, and make your choice.

Things you should know about Canada and USA


Again, there are many similarities between the two nations, but there are also some notable differences. Canada is often portrayed as more open, one that is more tolerant of immigrants and has significantly lower levels of gun crime. When it comes to working hours and vacation time, Canada is more compassionate and comparable to Europe, although the United States has fewer vacation days. Statistics show that Canadian air is cleaner, that Canadians live two years longer on average than people from the USA.

Cost of living:

Americans have a higher cost of living than Canadians. Consumer prices in Toronto are reported to be 24.83% lower than in New York City, and the cost of renting an apartment in Toronto is about half that of renting an apartment in New York. In addition, leases, groceries, restaurant prices, and local purchases are all higher in the United States as a whole. While individuals in the United States pay more taxes, Canada has better social benefits.

Benefits for your family:

Parents may have a significant financial need to spend time with their children as they grow up. In Canada, there is an enacted legislation for paid time off and benefits. This is supported by the government through provincial job insurance. Both mothers and fathers are welcome to participate in the programme. Benefits will be as high as $595 a week. In this regard, the United States lags behind. The Family and Medical Leave Act in the United States (FMLA) provides some assistance that allows for a maximum of 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

Healthcare Benefit:

The US has the world’s most expensive healthcare system. Individuals would expect to pay about $10,739 a year per capita. In contrast, Canadians earn an average of $7,068 per year.

Education is another significant cost in a person’s life. The United States is first on the list of nations with the highest educational expenses, followed by Canada in fourth place. In the United States, the average annual tuition at a public college is believed to be $8,200. Undergraduate tuition fees were estimated to be $17,797 at government institutions, $46,014 at privately funded institutions, and $26,261 at private charitable institutions, according to the National Center for Education Statistics while the average annual public college tuition in Canada was $7,938 Canadian dollars (US$6113.61).


Canadians benefit from a more comprehensive government-mandated family programme, with increased state aid for maternity leave through employment insurance programmes. Health-care costs would also be lower for Canadians. Furthermore, educational university costs are lower (on average) in Canada, which may be a final draw for many residents contemplating long-term family relocation.

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