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Apple vs Android: Which One do the People of the US Prefer?

by David
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Apple vs Andriod’s debate is pretty standard as both these smartphone platforms are popular among the buyers. These two operating systems dominate the market, and there is neck to neck battle.

If you are investing in a smartphone, the chances are that either you have to select the Android or iOs platform. There are certain common aspects, but some significant differences will help you identify the tiebreaker between the two giants.

Let’s split it into categories so that you will get to know about US people’s preference. Though, it’s not a clear black and white distinction between the two. It’s up to you to decide on what counts as a win based on these categories.

Here’s an in-depth analysis of Apple Vs Android:

  • Software Updates

What makes the Apple phone ideal is the software updates available even after 5-6 years from the phone’s launching date. It typically supports new iPhones and iPads with iOS updates.

For new images, videos, and security protocols, Apple smartphones get all the latest features and app support. Among various Andriod version smartphones, only Google Pixel is assured with prompt updates.

  • Customer Service

A 2-3 years old gadget facing battery replacement issues or hardware or software problems gets quick customer service assistance in an Apple smartphone. The company has developed a dedicated support app and website to guide its users.

Moreover, you can also book an in-person appointment with any Apple Store. These advantages may not be available on every Android phone.

  • App Selection

It is convenient to browse and select apps in Apple’s App Store compared to that of Google’s Android Play Store. The iOS platform of Apple has been more profitable for the app and game developers fr generating money.

This is the reason why iOS has a better selection of pro apps meant for editing and creating images, videos, and audio. The iOS App Stores gets an edge over the Play Store for its curated and user-friendly interface.

  • Customisation in Apple vs Android

If you love changing your smartphone according to your needs, then the Apple phone may not be flexible enough. You can have a customised phone’s text size, app icons, third-party keyboard, and exciting features in an Android phone.

It also enables you to select your personalised default apps to do a variety of tasks or manage files. But the operating system is mostly lockdown in Apple phones.

  • Price Friendly

If you are looking for price flexibility, then Android smartphones get a better score. The platform offers an incredible deal on some budgeted phones with exceptional built quality and camera features.

This isn’t available in the affordable iPhone models that miss out on the big screen and expensive camera. Some Andriod phones even feature quick software updates within a price range of $200 or less.

Key Takeaway

It is clearly seen the race between the two bigwigs is close enough. However, Apple iOS emerges on the top with the slightest margins.

Despite the near-parity, it’s easy to shift from iOS to Android because of Apple’s Move to the iOS app. The other way round is nearly impractical.

This makes Apple phones more preferable to the US people than Android. In the end, the decision is yours, which mobile platform you choose.

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